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Not a sims 3 tumblr anymore, but all my things will stay up.

Hi :) I'm Amélie, welcome on my tumblr. Feel free to call me by my name or speak to me.

Currently "not " playing generation 2 of the Plums legacy.

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just saying, my tumblr is a work in progress again. lol

Where do you all find your cc for sims 4 now?

after installing sims4 i got a pop-up saying i had a problem with my graphic card. Now I cant even fucking play tera nor sims4. Fuck that game, it was a nice 60$ that i throw out the window.

  simmogen said:
i remember bud! i hope the sims 4 is everything you want it to be :)

I started playing it yesterday and its pretty different to the sims 2 or 3. But I think that I’ll get used to it easily. But gurl on the 16th imma play Archeage xD

So hmm hi, I bet you dont remember me guise.

But yeah hi, I’m back to the sims. I’m downloading the sims 4 right now. :3